Can you put apps on a psp?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Accualy you can add as many home made apps made by the gaming community called homebrew,all you have to do is put custom firmware on your psp.

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Q: Can you put apps on a psp?
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Can you put ipod touch apps into Sony psp?

No. Ipod touch works on the iOS of apple while the PSP works on the playstationOS of Sony.

Where could one go to purchase apps for a PSP?

One can purchase apps for a Play Station Personal (PSP) from PSPhacks, PSPgamecrazy, PSPgamesandmedia, PSPtwist, among many others. Most of the games for the PSP are purchased as games and not as apps, but apps increase the usability of the PSP.

Where do you download apps to on your PSP?

on the internet

Are there PSP apps?

Do not know and believe there's not.

How do you put a PSP on?

how to put pictures on a psp????

How do you put pictures on a psp?

how to put pictures on a psp????

Can you put movies on a PSP go?

No the thing you put into the psp 3000 can't be put into a psp go but there might be another way...

What is a PSP battery?

The thing that powers the PSP. It also enables you put put Custom FirmWare on the PSP

What happens if you put apps on a PSP?

Nothing, usually. Applications are programmed to run on 'platforms'. Putting any kind of PC application (Windows, Linux, or OSX) on a PSP is no use - the PSP's own operating system simply does not know how to run it. The only ones that would work are ones which are either specifically written, or specifically ported, for use on a PSP.

How do you put minecraft on psp?

You can't. It is not for PSP.

How do you get apps working for psp?

you click it then go on the website given then downlode what is says

How do you put a PSP camera on PSP?

You buy one, and connect it to the psp.