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in to psp folder then put it in games

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Q: How do you transfer PS1 games to PSP?
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Can you download a PS1 game on your psp without firmware instead you can download it onto your psp with a file of the game?

Official PSP firmware does not allow converted PS1 games to be played.

How do you put ps2 games on psp?

You can only do the PS1 games not the PS2 or PS3

Can a 5.03 PSP play PS1 roms without Additional Software?

The PSP has a built in emulator for PS1 games. You need to purchase the games from the PSN (PlayStation Network) in order to be able to play them on your PSP. There are alternatives, but additional software WOULD be needed for that.

Can I play my PSPgames on my ps3 with an adapter?

If they are strictly PSP games,then no you cant. If they are the PS1 classics for the PSP/PS3, then yes.

Can you play ps1 games on PSP?

The ones you purchase from the Playstation Store at least

Coustom software 5.00m-33 on your psp how can you play ps2 games on psp?

You CANT play PS2 games on your PSP. You can however play PS1 games. PS its "custom FIRMWARE instead of Software]

Do PS1 games bought from the PlaystationStore still work on the psp but with custom firmware?


Can you put ps1 games on psp?

Yes, You are able to play PS1 games on the PSP. You can buy the Classics games from MediaGo, a program made by Sony in order to download DLCS Psone Classics and such. And they only cost $10

Can you play PlayStaion 2 and PlayStation 3 games on PSP?

no but certain ps1 games that you download off the psn network you can

Will the playstasion4 play PS3 and PS2 and PSP games?

No one knows. The PlayStation $ may not event be in the predevelopment stage yet, but it is very unlikely to play PSP , PS1 or PS2 games.

Does The PS3 play PlayStation 1 games?

Yes (both PS1 and PS2) if you have the 60gb version. The 40 wont. Please note you can play PS1 games through your PS3, on your PSP (remote play) but not yet PS2 games.

When will the us version of a psp online store be ready for buying PS1 games converted for the psp?

There are many online vendor for psp games already available. You can just register in them for a small fee and they give you thousands of psp games to download legally. An example website is