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Yeah look at the bottom right corner of your ds game. And of course you have to go to the games aad click add new game

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Q: How do you put game id into your action replay so it will recognize it's your game?
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Why will your Action replay not recognize your game now?

if you mean how to use it you put the game in it and then you start playing

What can you do to your action replay DS to get it to recognize your Pokemon diamond game?

you have to put the game id in it is this: ADAE-636791C0

How do you put a game in an action replay?

You put in action replay then put your game in then enter a code.

My action replay won't recognize a game that is downloaded to it?

Then you may want to blow out the card or the socket you put the card in.

How do you put action replay in Pokemon Platinum?

i dont think you put it in the game i think you put the action replay in the ds and then put in the game

What do you do when the action replay says please make sure you put the game in the slot?

Either the action replay does not recognize the game or you need to turn the ds off and make sure the game is in all the way. p.s. blowing on game might help..

Where do you find action replay on your ds?

You put it in the usual card slot and put your ds game in the action replay then press play game and it will take you to the action replay screen

How do you get the action replay in platinum?

You have to buy an action replay cartridge at a video game store and put that in. It is not in the game.

How do you use action replay on pokemon white?

Put the game cartridge in the action replay.

How to catch trainers Pokemon?

Buy a action replay and then downlode the cheat onto the action replay. Put the action replay in the game slot then put Pokemon in the action replay. After that you pick the Pokemon game you are playingnthen start the game and then you will be able to catch trainers Pokemon.

How do you put a game id on a action replay?

at the top of your action replay game list is a add new game option it tells you the game id of the game insterted in your action replay at the first screen

How do you put AR on a Nintendo DS?

all you have to do is take the game and put it in the action replay slot and put the action replay in your ds