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Just put Action replay into your DS's Game slot and turn it on then when the Action replay screen comes up then take out Action replay and replace it with your game card then press the star ,select the codes you want and press start

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Q: How do you use action replay im Pokemon platinum?
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Ds action raplay cheats for Pokemon Platinum?

yes you can use action replay on Pokemon platinum

Can Pokemon platinum use the action replay?

YES. there are billions of action replay codes for platinum. i would tell you some, but i dont use the action replay. (i suggest not to ethier)

Pokemon Platinum shiny Pokemon cheats?

Use an action replay...

How do you catch a Blastoise on Pokemon platinum without using an action replay?

You use an action replay.

What is a action replay in Pokemon Platinum?

they break the action replay so u can use it on diamond and pearl but if u put it on platinum it will break and wont work on anything....SO DONT USE ACTION REPLAY ON PLATINUM

How do you use cheats in Pokemon platinum version?

use action replay

Can you use the old Action Replay on Pokemon platinum?


How do you use action replay in Pokemon platinum?

dont cnow

Where do you get Deoxys in Pokemon Platinum?

If You Want A Deoxys In Pokemon Platinum ,Migrate,Trade,Or Use The Action Replay Pokemon Modifier.

How do you catch the dogs in Pokemon platinum?

You have to use the action replay to catch them.

How do you get Groudon on platinum?

You can migrate it from Pokemon Ruby or use an Action Replay.

How do you get darkria on Pokemon platinum without event?

you use an action replay