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Action replay cartridge

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Q: How do you use the codes on codejunkies for Pokemon platinum?
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Can Pokemon diamond cheat codes be used in Pokemon Platinum?

No, you can't. Codejunkies has to create different cheats every game. If you want to get Pokemon on Platinum, then use the Platinum version of Pokesav.

How do you get lengendary dog Pokemon?

use a Action replay and go to Google and type in codejunkies and then there is the the three lengendary codes and other Pokemon ones

Do Pokemon Pearl cheat codes work for Pokemon Platinum?

Sadly no, Nintendo tried its best to stop all the use of AR on Pokemon Platinum. But hackers found out how to crack the game. But their are many codes out there for Pokemon Platinum that are similar to Pokemon Pearl. You just have to look on the AR website.

How do you get 456 master balls in Pokemon platinum?

Use Action replay codes

Action replay cheat codes for Pokemon platinum any Pokemon?

there is not a code unless you use the wild Pokemon modifier.

Gameshark codes for Pokemon light platinum?

how did u make the four kecleons move in route 210 light platinum shinnoh?? Well,if u have Pokemon light platinum for gba,,,use Pokemon ruby gameshark codes. IT WORKS...TRY IT.

How do you use action replay on Pokemon Platinum?

Well you find codes and put them into your action replay folder for Pokemon platinum. There are different codes for different uses. Then you follow the instructions of each cheat when you start the game.

Do you have to do anything to the action replay before Pokemon Platinum cheats will work?

you don't have to do something to use the Pokemon platinum except registering the game and putting the codes for the game

How do you use AR codes on Pokemon platinum?

it doesn't work, unless there is a special way to activate it.

What is the Pokemon platinum AR m code?

Action replay doesn't use master codes.

Can you use action replay codes for platinum on light platinum it's a hacked ROM of Pokemon Ruby but it has platinum Pokemon so...?

Nope, ur gonna have to use "Pokemon ruby" action replay codes. Light platinum,as u said, is just Pokemon Ruby but with the Pokemon images and names changed. So if u used wild Pokemon modifier, and typed the code for a torchic, a chimchar will come out, just like any other hacked ROM.

Do you need anything to use the AR codes in Pokemon platinum?

Well for starters, you need a action replay.