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You can use the GTS in Pokemon Platinum after you get the first gym badge from the Oreburgh City gym.

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Q: When can you use gts in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you get Deoxys on Pokemon platinum without pal park?

You can use the GTS :P

How do you get a bagon in Pokemon platinum?

Use the GTS in Jubilife city (one way)

How do you get Darkrai on Pokemon platinum version?

You use the action replay, or get an event. The last way is the GTS.

How do you get cranidose on Pokemon Pearl?

You can get it only from Pokemon Diamond/Platinum or the GTS.

Where do you find a Swudowodo in Pokemon platinum?

The GTS in Jubilive

What is gts on Pokemon platinum?

It is a international trade system in platinum diamond and pearl

Can you capture a honkcrow in Pokemon Platinum?

no you have to trade in gts or with 2 ds that have Pokemon pearl,platinum and diamond

How do you get Deoxys in gts in Pokemon platinum?

If you have Deoxys in the Pokedex, you can find it in the GTS if anyone's trading one.

How do you use GTS in Pokemon platinum?

You have to get a badge and have Wi-fi connection. Go to the left when you're at the Pokecenter. For more information contact me at what is gts?

Where can you find a shuckel in Pokemon platinum?

you cant you have to trade at the gts

How do you Get the globe in Pokemon platinum underground?

You have to go into the GTS once

How do you get Rayquaza on Pokemon platinum for Nintendo ds?

You can't the only possible way to get rayquaza in platinum is to transfer it from emerald, get it at GTS (you must have seen a rayquaza to get it at GTS) or use AR (Action Replay). hope this helped.