Pokemon Platinum cheat codes in R4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are r4 cheat codes, download it from then download the r4cce (a program that edits cheat files) use Google. Then follow ins. from YouTube. Or follow my way. Put the usrcheat file (the 1 u downloaded) in the system folder in r4. then open it using r4cce. Find and copy Pokemon: Platinum (U). Open the CHEAT file in the ds and paste the codes there. And you now have codes for Platinum. Use this for other games that dont have cheat.

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Q: Pokemon Platinum cheat codes in R4?
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What is the infinite money cheat for Pokemon light platinum?

There isn't one unless you use AR codes, an R4 card etc.

R4 cheat codes for Pokemon pearl get arceus?

You can't do it just like that. But you can do an azure flute cheat.

What are cheat codes for nintendos?

I get my codes in a special menu on my R4

Pokémon Platinum Pokémon Modifier?

You can use a cheat emulator like Action Replay or I-cheat, if you are using an r4 or something similar i suggest you use a program to change the Pokemon you have or put new Pokemon in your party.

What does R4 for the DS do?

R4 its like a pendrive, with him you can download DS roms from the internet and play on the DS, By:Dan~* Djgreendj: The R4 is a special tool used to download DS games straight from the internet for free. Plus if you have the right software installed you can select cheats for your gameplay! Eg. you download Pokemon Platinum from the net and you can select cheat codes like Unlimited Master Balls or Exp Multiplied by 100. But a word of warning if you select to many cheat codes your game will stuff up.

How do you put cheat codes in a R4?

there is a button that says cheat. if there isnt, your game didnt come with a cheat.

Does Pokemon platinum cheats work for r4i?

r4 i? it works for r4 though i does work i tried it it works

Is there a new cheat Pokemon diamond in r4?

no sorry ok?

How do you cheat to get Spiritomb?

get a r4 put get all Pokemon ceat

What is the cheat for all shiny Pokemon?

there is no cheat On the R4 you can choose a cheat to find shinys using the pokeradar

Were can you get Pokemon platnium with cheats?

You can get platinum from download sites if you have DSTT and/or R4.

Can you trade Pokémon from Pokémon platinum to R4 Pokémon heart gold?

of course you can. i always trade Pokemon from my r4 Pokemon diamond to my soul silver