How do you put cheat codes in a R4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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there is a button that says cheat. if there isnt, your game didnt come with a cheat.

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Q: How do you put cheat codes in a R4?
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How do you put cheats onto your R4 card?

you download cheat code editor from the r4 website find the game id search for codes put it on save it to your system folder on your r4 and your done.

What are cheat codes for nintendos?

I get my codes in a special menu on my R4

Pokemon Platinum cheat codes in R4?

There are r4 cheat codes, download it from then download the r4cce (a program that edits cheat files) use GOOGLE. Then follow ins. from youtube. Or follow my way. Put the usrcheat file (the 1 u downloaded) in the system folder in r4. then open it using r4cce. Find and copy Pokemon: Platinum (U). Open the CHEAT file in the ds and paste the codes there. And you now have codes for Platinum. Use this for other games that dont have cheat.

Cheat to get all dogs on Nintendogs?

Get an R4, use the cheat codes, or get all of the trainer points.

Where can you download r4 cheats?

You can download R4 cheats from It uses the same codes as Action Replay. Input these codes with the R4 Cheat Editor. Which you can download on its official site which is written on the card

R4 cheat codes for Pokemon pearl get arceus?

You can't do it just like that. But you can do an azure flute cheat.

How do you insert cheat codes in Mario Kart DS?

You have to get this thing called r4

Can you put ar codes into an r4?

yes u can

How do you cheat to get Spiritomb?

get a r4 put get all Pokemon ceat

How do you get the cheat codes on R4?

Go to G,O,O,G,L,E.

Can you use action replay codes for your R4 card?

yes you can using cheat code editor

How do you put in cheat codes for battletanx?

In the menu it will say put in codes then you click that and you put in the cheat code.