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After Action Replay is loaded, you can take the game card out. Then, you will be able to use it's features without the action replay game card (you usually put in the game you wish to hack) * This is wrong, I mean that take the game card out and still have action replay in the ds but without the game card while playing a game.

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Q: How do you use action replay without a game card?
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How do you get action replay for Heartgold?

By buying the action replay game card.

How do you use an action replay for ds?

You hold the action replay card in your ds (Until it says to insert game card)and turn it on and then it will say insert game card and then you insert game card

Where do you find action replay on your ds?

You put it in the usual card slot and put your ds game in the action replay then press play game and it will take you to the action replay screen

Dangers of action replay?

DS action replay and DSi action replay are both destrutive to ALL games.The reason why it is because it is known to BLOW UP a ds or dsi or game card your using.

How do you use action replay im Pokemon platinum?

Just put Action replay into your DS's Game slot and turn it on then when the Action replay screen comes up then take out Action replay and replace it with your game card then press the star ,select the codes you want and press start

Can you use an Action Replay without wrecking the game?


Can you play an action replay with no game inserted?

An Action Replay isn't a game in itself, it's a cheat enabler. What use would the cheats be, without a game to use them on?

My Nintendo DS won't sense the Action Replay It just says no DS card inserted even though I have a card in the Action Replay?

There are four possiblilities: 1. Just blow onto the electronic reading part of the game card and into the ds game slot hole. 2. The game card is broken 3. The ds is broken. 4. It could somehow have nothing on it ( the game card)

How do you get deoys in pokemon platinum without action replay?

you have to trade/migrate it from a different game that has a deoxys or buy a action replay

Can the action replay card for ds also be used for a Game Boy advanced game?

A proper Action Replay for DS will not work with a GBA game in slot-2 of a DS console. But Action Replay Max Duo is a GBA cheat device, and will work in a DS.

My sister has the action replay ok Well can I put my game into her action replay and do all of the codes on my game without crashing her device?

You can use your sister's Action Replay codes to put it on your games without crashing her device. You just need to use her Action Replay on your DS. yes you can use it non any ds

How do you get 999 rare candies without game shark or action replay in fire red?

there is no way to get 999 rare candys without gameshark or action replay.