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click on your starting Pokemon and it will show a box with a-z including dark shiny and gold. click on one and it will show your Pokemon starting with that letter

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Q: How do you put a Pokemon in your team after you catch it in Pokemon tppc?
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How do you get Pokémon out of your team Pokémon tppc?

Just click on one of you're Pokemon, click the first letter of the Pokemon you want to put into your roster, and Ta dah! Oh, and click on the Pokemon after that last step! :D

How do you put Pokemon out of your team in Pokemon vortexorg?

you need to have at least 6 pokemon in your team then swap them around for others when you catch more. to swap your team around you must have atleast 7 pokemon #. hope it helped. :) PSN: The__TBL

How do you catch a Porygon in soul silver?

you have to put in the code to get trainer Pokemon and then fight a team rocket sceintist and he has it :)

On tppc where do you find seels Please I must know and if you tell me you get a lvl 150 Pokemon of your choice excludes shiny golden dark legendary and other Pokemon that isn't there?

Sorry peoplez you can't get any seels to put on your pokeballs but you can catch the Pokemon seel you can just buy them on the buy Pokemon page oh and try to get the cheapst one you can find!!!Oh and on Pokemon tppc I'm Libra25 and traner number 1752088 and please add me to your friends list Oh and who ever asked this question can you put a golden Pokemon up for trade with me like you said! Please pretty please do as i said ^_^ Lol!!!

How do you get the pkrs on your Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Pokemon can only be affected with PKRS in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum no your wrong you can get it on Pokemon ruby

How do you give a Pokemon pkrs?

You must first catch a Pokemon with pkrs which is extremely rare. If you want more Pokemon to catch it in the PC put the Pokemon with pkrs next to other Pokemon and they will catch it. Unfortunately it is complete luck if you catch a Pokemon with pkrs and there is no way of making one catch it exept for what i have put above. Hope i helped!

How do you add the Pokémon to your team after you catch it and how do you view your full box in the website tppcrpg?

I was confused but then i figured it out. Go to starter Pokemon and search the Pokemon's name. If you found the Pokemon there would be numbers underneath it. Click the number that you want your Pokemon to be in (what part of the team). Then it will come in order you put the team. Look at the top right of the page and you will see your team. Have fun with your team!

How do you put Pokemon in slots on Pokemon tppc?

All you have to do is click on the link that has your starter Pokemon on it (i.e. either squirtle, bulbasuor, or charmander), and then click in the box that says the letter that your goal Pokemon is needed, then click on the que number to place it (1,2,3,4,5,6).

How do you make sure you catch a Pokemon on Pokemon XD?

You can't "make sure" you catch a Pokemon. If you were any good at this game you would catch Pokemon yourself, put it to sleep or something.

How do you get Pokemon from the poke walker?

put a Pokemon from your PC then put one Pokemon in the pokewalker if you have at least 10 watts you can catch

How do you catch shukle on platinum?

You can catch it on Route 224, but you have to put Pokemon Emerald in your DS!

How do you put Pokemon on your team on tppcrpgnet?

You have to buy them. Or trade to get Pokemon