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Beside the Pokemon, there are numbers.

Click the number which corresponds to the slot you want it to be in.

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Q: How do you put Pokemon in your team in Pokemon creed?
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How do you put Pokemon on your team on tppcrpgnet?

You have to buy them. Or trade to get Pokemon

How do you put Pokemon in team in Pokemon infinity?

Get an action replay.

Where are the captured Pokemon in Pokemon creed?

in your pokemon box

How to replace Pokemon of team with newly caught Pokemon i am using iDeas emulator for Pokemon diamond?

You have to go to the Pokemon center, then go into the computer and then go into someones PC then go on deposit Pokemon. This will let you put Pokemon from your team into the PC. Then click on withdraw this will let you take Pokemon from your PC and put them into your team.

How do you put a Pokemon into your battle team in Pokemon indigo?

Go to 'My Team' then scroll down. Tick the box that you want that Pokemon to be in your party. Then click 'Move to My Battle Team'.

What Pokemon should i put on my team?

Any what you want

How do you put Pokemon out of your team in Pokemon vortexorg?

you need to have at least 6 pokemon in your team then swap them around for others when you catch more. to swap your team around you must have atleast 7 pokemon #. hope it helped. :) PSN: The__TBL

Where can you get pokeballs in Pokemon creed?

In the Mart. Co

How do you catch Pokemon in Pokemon Creed?

When you find a Pokemon in the Maps, you can choose a PokeBall and try to capture it.

How do you donate a Pokemon in Pokemon creed?

You can't. Unless it's for Secret Santa.

Who should I put on my BW Pokemon team in addition to Gliscor Scizor Metagross Scrafty and Ambipom?

legendary pokemon.

How do you use the exp share on Pokemon?

give it to a Pokemon and put put a Pokemon that isn't holding it in thr team front and the Pokemon that is holding even if it don't battle it will receive some of the exp points from the battle