How do you give a Pokemon pkrs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You must first catch a Pokemon with pkrs which is extremely rare. If you want more Pokemon to catch it in the PC put the Pokemon with pkrs next to other Pokemon and they will catch it. Unfortunately it is complete luck if you catch a Pokemon with pkrs and there is no way of making one catch it exept for what i have put above. Hope i helped!

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Q: How do you give a Pokemon pkrs?
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How do you get the pkrs on your Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Pokemon can only be affected with PKRS in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum no your wrong you can get it on Pokemon ruby

What does it mean when Pokemon have PKRS?

PKRS means Pokerus. It is a virus in your pokemon that cannot be removed. It is a very good thing to have, because it enables your pokemon to level up faster.

What does the PKRS mean in Pokemon and how to get rid of it?

Pkrs doubles the ev gain of the pokemon infects. While it sounds bad it is a good thing and you want to spread it to as many Pokemon as possible.

What does PKRS mean in Pokemon?

It is a good virus that hightens stats in Pokemon

What does pkrs mean on pokemon white?

PKRS stand for Pokerus. It is a virus in your pokemon that allows it to level up faster. It is a good thing to have, even though it is common.

If a Pokemon is infected by pkrs will it work right when you're infected?

The pkrs is actually a virus that is helpful to the Pokemon. If a Pokemon that is infected wins a battle, then it gets a little stronger than usual.

How do you get pkrs Pokemon?

Once a Pokemon gets pkrs it stays forever but after 24 hours it won't be able to spread to pkrs. If you want to spread the pkrs then you have to keep switching Pokemon in your party so that the Pokemon that is infected can rub it onto a different Pokemon and you will have another 24 hours to infect more Pokemon. (Recources are that i played Pokemon diamond for 5 years. I got pkrs and kept it for 2 years straight.)

What does PKRS do on Pokemon Platinum?

PKRS makes a Pokemon sick and lets it battle better and get more exp points then normalo so it is great for leveling up. You get it by battling a Pokemon that has it then go to nurse joy in the Pokemon center.

When you have a pkrs Pokemon how do you know it has better stats?

When you train it to the next level notice it receives more points for its stats then usual that is when you know pkrs is working.

Is there a code for action replay to give pkrs?

yes, however you need pokesav, a Pokemon AR code generator, you can download it by searching pokesav on Google.

Can PKRS level your Pokemon up?

Pkrs is one of the best things that can happen to your Pokemon. It increases the effort values (Invisible values your Pokemon gains which benefit them greatly) your Pokemon gains by 2x! Try and keep the Pkrs infection for as long as possible if you get it!Quick notePokeRus will not infect all your other Pokemon if you deposit it in a PC. In fact, it will contain itself (unlike when the infected Pokemon is in the party) and keep the Pokemon infected until you take it out and wait 24 hours. PokeRus is good as it is beneficial to the Pokemn's growth and absolutely ineffective to the game itself.

What is the gameshark code to contract PKRS on Pokemon FireRed ROM how do you use the code once its been entered?

The Gameshark code to contract PKRS on Pokemon fire red ROM can be obtained once you purchase a premium account.