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try instant action and add mos eisley and chose assault then you can choose heroes or villiains hope this works bro:) ;)

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Q: How do you play as a Jedi on Star Wars Battlefront 2 psp?
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How do you play with a jedi or a sith in Star Wars battlefront 1?

No, you can't be a Jedi or Sith lord in star wars battlefront 1, only in Battlefront 2 which I'm playing right now :)

How do you get a lightsaber on Star Wars battlefront?

On Star Wars Battlefront 1, you can not get a lightsaber. However, you can play as a Jedi or a Sith on Star Wars Battlefront 2, Renegade Squadron, and Elite Squadron.

How do play as a jedi on Star Wars battlefront1 ps2?

Unfortunately You can't. :( only in Battlefront 2.

How do you get the Jedi order isignia on Star Wars Battlefront elite squadron?

cop on and play galactic connquest jessus

Can you play star wars battlefront ii and Star Wars empire at war forces of corruption and Jedi knight Jedi academy in boot camp on mac?

Yes, you can. However, you won't be able to play any LAN games with Star Wars Battlefront II since Boot Camp does not have a stereo mix feature; a fix that is required for SWBF2.

How do you be a jedi hero on Star Wars battlefront 1?

You can not because in Star Wars Battlefront I there are no playable Jedi or Sith as it isn't part of the game you can only play with soldiers, droids etc. However its successor Battlefront II allows you to play with Sith and Jedi (I have got it and its pretty amazing stuff). My advice would be to get that if you want to play as a hero or villain.

How do you play as a Jedi in a Spacebattle in Star Wars Battlefront 2 on ps2?

Heroes are not available in space battles in Battlefront II. That ability is offered only in Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, which is exclusively for the Sony PSP.

In which Star Wars battlefront 2 game do you play coruscant city in?

if you mean which star wars battlefront game has the coruscant map it is star wars battlefront 2.

Can you play Star Wars battlefront 2 on xbox 360?

No, only the original Xbox can play Star Wars BattleFront 2.

How do you play as a jedi in Star Wars battlefront 2 on PS2?

A simple way is to go to: INSTANT ACTION then chose: MOS EISLEY after choose: ASSAULT This will allow you to play as a Jedi or a Sith Lord against other Jedi/Sith

Can you play as jedi or sith on Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron for Nintendo DS?

Yes, you will be able to, (at least according to the previews) on both the PSP and the DS.

Can you play star wars battlefront online?

That depends on what system you have it on.