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No. Unless you wish to play on Xbox live

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Q: Does star wars battlefront have a monthly fee?
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Does star wars Jedi knight II Jedi outcast have a monthly fee?

No it is a single player game.

Do you still have to pay a monthly fee if you buy an expansion pack on Star Wars galaxies?

The fee doesn't change (up or down) if you get the expansions. BUt do you have to pay a fee still?

Is there a free trial for star wars old republic?

Yes, you can play with certain limits without paying the monthly fee.

Do you have to pay monthly for guild wars?

No. Once you buy the game there is no monthly fee.

Is there a monthly fee for Star Wars the old republic?

Yes, there is a monthly fee of $14.99 to have access to all the game's features and characters. You can also play for free all the way to max level on two characters, although you are very limited in what you can do.

Where can you get Star Wars apparel?

You can buy Star Wars apparel almost anywhere. Check the official Star Wars website or go to

Is there a monthly fee for Gild wars?

No, Guild Wars is free of monthly payments. All you have to pay for is the game itself and you're all set.

How do you make a demo account on guild wars?

u dont have to pay a monthly fee for guild wars

Will Star Trek online have a monthly fee?

It will most likely.

Does Star Trek Online have a montly fee?

Yes. The monthly fee for Star Trek Online (STO) is $14.99 in the US or 12.99 EUR in Europe.

What will the monthly fee be for Star Wars The Old Republic?

The monthly fee depends upon what time criteria you've chosen and how much you want the subscription to last before it charges your bank account again (or whatever other payment source you use of course). You can find all the subscription information on the following link:

Are there any good games besides World of Warcraft?

guild wars, better graphics, more fun, and no monthly fee