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I believe it is impossible without a download.

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Q: How do you play Pokemon platinum online for free no download?
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Free Download of Pokemon platinum English for GBA?


When will you be able to download Pokemon platinum for nogba free?


Where can you download action replay for Pokemon platinum NDS free?

You can't

Where can you download Pokemon card game?

Pokemon Platinum is not available for free download. Pokemon Platinum is exclusively available on the Nintendo DS in the form of a game cartridge.

Do you have to download Pokemon indigo?

No need to download for Playin Pokemon indigo its free online

What is the easy way to download Pokemon platinum for free?

Buy yourself an R4 and download the nds file for it ;D

Where can you play Pokemon orange online for free?

You can play Pokemon orange online below but you have to download it.

Where can you play Pokemon Platinum online for free?

There is no legal way to play Pokemon Platinum online for free. You need to purchase or rent the game on Nintendo DS or borrow the game from someone you know who is willing to lend it to you.

Can you play Pokemon platinum on a website for free?

i think yes, but maybe not. If it is i think you may have to download it.

Where can you find Pokemon Emerald online free no download?


Where can you play Pokemon Black online for free?

There's no Pokemon Black game online. It requires download as in ROM.

What is a good free Pokemon RPG that you don't have to download?

32 OF THEM- Pokemon indigo online is cool, and you need java download to play Pokemon crater.