Does the dsi have a gps?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no it dosent i have the dsi

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Q: Does the dsi have a gps?
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Does a dsi have locador does a dsi have a gps?


Does the DSI have a tracking device?

Neither the DSi nor the DSi XL have a tracking device or GPS built in.

Can you trace your stolen DSi?

No, you cannot. The DSi does not have a GPS so you cannot trace it if it gets stolen.

Will dsi work in UK if bought in America?

Yeah. It is not like it has a built in GPS.

Is there a gps that you can adapt to the DSi?

NoThats why i lost mine with my beat pokemon black in it. :( I understand how u feel

Does the Nintendo DSi XL have gps tracking?

Not yet!!! But it is being developed by a chinese company. The same one developed a software gps tracking for nintendo ds. Hopefully will come soon!!!

How many dsi points do you have to have to get a dsi?

you cannot get a dsi with dsi points

Does the Nintendo DSi charger fit the Nintendo DSi XL?

yes a dsi charger fits a dsi XL and a dsi XL fits the dsi

How much is the DSi and the DSi XL?

UK: DSi - £129.99 Dsi XL - £169.99 - £189.00 US: DSi - (approx) $149.99 DSi XL - $189.99

Does a DSI fit in a DSI XL case?

No, the dsi XL has a bigger screen than the dsi.

Will the DSi charger work on the DSi XL?

Yes, the DSi charger is the same as the DSi XL.

Can the dsi games be played on a dsi lite console?

There is no "DSi lite" console but if you mean the DSi XL, it is fully compatible with DSi games(although you'll have to buy them twice if you want a copy on a DSi and a DSi XL)