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NO you cant but you can download a Visual Boy advance emulator to your computer and download any of the two roms and then you can play in your computer.

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Q: Can i play Pokemon emerald free online or ruby sapphire?
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Where to play Pokemon Sapphire online for free?

Where can you find Pokemon Emerald online free no download?


Can you play any Pokemon games like Pokemon emerald online for free?

You can play the Pokemon games online for free on a Pokemon online simulator called shoddybattle. Or The Pokemon Moon Rpg

Will there be an extension for Pokemon Black and White?

There is a thing they are releasing which is free called the 3D pokedex on the ds store. IF you are talking about extenstion as in ruby, sapphire and then emerald, The next Pokemon will be Pokemon grey.

Can the free wynaut egg from the hot springs in Ruby Emerald and sapphire be shiny?

It could be, but it is ultra rare to get a Shiny Wynaut from an Pokemon Egg.

Where can you get Pokemon emerald hacking tools for free?

There are various places online that you could get tools to hack Pokémon Emerald for free. You could also try using Action Replay.

Pokemon soul silver ar pokerus codes?

their is none that works but the best chance of getting it is from Pokemon emerald Sapphire or ruby have one free space on emerald and face people in the battle frontier you will get a bad egg that has it i swer that is how i got mine hope it helps :]

Where can you download Pokemon Emerald for VBA for free. i have tried many but NONE seem to work?

You can't!!!!!!!! There is no such thing as downloading Pokemon emerald for free!!!!

How do you play Pokemon emerald free no download or plugs?

Well, you can play a online pokemon MMORPG such as: or Or you could download no$gba and an emerald.gba play with that

Where can i download the Pokemon Sapphire rom for vba free?

See related link(s) for the website to download Pokemon Sapphire.

How do you get free Pokemon emerald?

you can get a castform for free but nothing else.

Where can one find a free Pokemon Sapphire walktrough?

There are many Pokemon fan websites and other websites that offer a Pokemon Sapphire walkthrough. Some of the websites that offer a free walkthrough are Bulbapedia and Psypokes.