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lag can't be completely avoided, but you can reduce it by going to your options, and lowering quality features, such as changing fancy graphics to normal graphics

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Q: How do you make minecraft have no lag?
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How do you make an HD texture pack in minecraft not lag?

Currently HD texture packs are not supported my Minecraft, and therefore are bound to lag. Having a powerful computer may prevent lag from occurring due to an HD pack, but not always. To fix lag due to HD packs try making sure the only program you are running on your computer is Minecraft as HD textures tend to make Minecraft require a lot more RAM.

Why do you get random minecraft lag?

Your computer is old.

Does Minecraft pixelmon give viruses?

there is no viruses on minecraft just lag and pixelmon has none to

Will your computer handle Minecraft with no lag?

That depends on your computer.

Can you play Minecraft on a Notebook?

Yes, but it might lag.

What is the best recording system for no lag in minecraft?

There is none. Lag is produced from your own computer, not recording systems.

How do you reduce lags on Minecraft?

use a 64-bit java to run minecraft. Or install optifine to reduce lag

How do you make an HD texture pack in Minecraft that does not lag?

Just like normal. If it lags, you need a better computer. There's not much you can do with the texture pack.

Why Does your Minecraft Stop Suddenly When Ever you are Playing?

maybe end of stream? (LAG)

Can a 2.3ghz MacBook Pro run minecraft without major lag?


How to fix Minecraft lag?

A slow/low end broadband speed is usually the #1 problem for lag on servers. The other is too little ram on the computer on single player, 4 gigs should be the minimum you should have. If you go to the minecraft WiKi they can tell you how to add more ram to the Minecraft application if you have plenty on the computer. Things that you can do to reduce the lag is to turn down some of the visual options in the menu.

What are the disadvantages to getting Minecraft free?

Lag, viruses and not the proper game. And if you love the game so much why not support mojang (creators of minecraft) and buy it?