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Yes, but it might lag.

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Q: Can you play Minecraft on a Notebook?
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How do you play wolfteam on a notebook?

get a usb and and install it to your notebook

How do you play guest on Minecraft?

there is no way to play minecraft as a guest.

Can a kid play Minecraft?

Minecraft has a rating of E10+, so any kid of 10 and older can play Minecraft.

Can you play Minecraft on Kindle Fire?

you can play minecraft pocket eddition on it

Do you play Minecraft on the website?

Minecraft on the website are genuine. I play on a cracked version of Minecraft so i have it as an .exe

How do you play tutorial map on Minecraft?

the demo? you play it like you play minecraft just do what it says

How do you not play Minecraft not on the website?

Download Minecraft.

Do you play Minecraft?

Me, i love minecraft! buy it!

How do you be a pro at Minecraft?

play minecraft a lot.

Can you play Xbox Minecraft with computer Minecraft?

no you can not

Are you sad if you play Minecraft?

No I play minecraft, and it is really fun, do you have any tips?

How do you play the out-dated version of Minecraft?

Click "Play Classic" on the minecraft webpage.