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No air probably has outdated hardware to run it with a huge lag

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Q: Can you use old computer to play minecraft?
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Can you use a Mac to play Minecraft on the computer?

Yes you can, but you need to download minecraft for macs

What computer do you use for Minecraft?

Minecraft can be played on:Microsoft Windows PC/LaptopApple Mac PC/LaptopXbox360Xperia Play

How can you narrate while you play a game on the computer?

The best way is to use fraps.Alot of minecraft commentators use it.

What software do you need to play minecraft on PC?

You have two options to be able to play Minecraft on your computer, aside from meeting the system requirements for MC to work on your machine. 1) Play the game from the Minecraft website. This requires Java installed on your computer and an internet browser with Java enabled. 2) Use the downloadable client to play Minecraft from your computer's desktop. Does not require Java to play, nor does it involve using an internet browser.

Would you be able to play minecraft if you paid on a different computer?

Yes easily just use your login to play on that one and Your in

Can you use computer Minecraft seeds in Minecraft 360?


Is there any way you can take your minecraft and copy it to your computer so you can play it on there too?

yes, if you use a USB drive i'm not entirely sure how to get the full minecraft on your USB (look on YouTube) but you go into minecraft folder and click "world" and you can make a copy of your minecraft world and put it on your USB drive if you wanna play the world you played on your main computer

How do you use mods in Minecraft after they are downloaded?

just play minecraft

What age rateing is Minecraft?

If you can use a mouse then you can play Minecraft.

What website could you use to play Minecraft?

The minecraft website

Can you use a quad core to play Minecraft without much lag?

If it where possible i would say yes, it could be if you have a super fast computer.

Can you download Minecraft on a Mac?

yes, i use a mac to play minecraft :D