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Yes and no.

Only if the device is the same family as the original account. If you have a computer minecraft account and want to play Minecraft on an X-Box you won't be able to.

X-box Minecraft accounts will not work on an iOS Minecraft account, etc.

You still need to buy seperate iOS, Android, X-Box, Playstation and Computer games/accounts. (Mac, Windows and Linux can use the same account tho.)

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Q: Can you install minecraft on different devices with the same account?
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What is the protected password to install minecraft 1.0?

There is no protected password to install minecraft but you do need an account created on the site and then pay for the game to play it

How do you install Minecraft?

go to, make a minecraft account, click buy now (and use money) then follow the instructions

How long does it take for the Minecraft guys to install Minecraft into your account?

You should be able tto download it as soon as you've paid for it.

How do you install Minecraft 1.8?

Go to Minecraft's website, make an account and buy premium and then download it. The link to Minecraft's home page can be found below.

How do you install technic pack without premium minecraft account?

It is illegal to play Minecraft without an activated premium account, and WikiAnswers will not provide guidance for illegal actions.

What should you do if your Minecraft skin will not work?

First Make sure you closed minecraft COMPLETELY then install the skin (re install) It should work correctly if not you don't have a premium account

Can you only play minecraft on the computer you installed it on?

In a sense, yes, but in another sense, no. You do not need to install Minecraft to play it on a computer, you can simply run it in your internet browser on However, if you want to run Minecraft without an internet connection, or without visiting, you must install Minecraft on your computer. You can install Minecraft on multiple computers under the same account, but your saved worlds will not sync between computers.

An account that is a member of the group can install or uninstall devices and applications and can perform all administrative tasks?


Can a MinecraftSP world file be transferred to a Paid Account?

Yes, you can put Minecraft Sp maps in to paid minecraft. go to your minecraft folder, then go to saves, then copy to ur desktop then install paid minecraft then put in folder called saves n new minecraft

Why cant you install mods for Minecraft?

Check out the link below for a guide of how to install mods in Minecraft.

How do you install Minecraft on iMac?

it's simple, make a minecraft account at, then download minecraft at and select 'show all platforms! and hey presto! :D (please note that you must buy minecraft premium to sign in legally)

Why does it say failed log in when you log in to minecraft it works on my brothers account but not mine and it's really annoying help?

I think either because you did not install the minecraft properly or you typo error at your password or your username