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use a 64-bit java to run minecraft. Or install optifine to reduce lag

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Q: How do you reduce lags on Minecraft?
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How can you fix your minecraft xbox360 server when it lags because of TNT what can you do to fix it?

change your frames per second

Can a white Xbox 360 get minecraft?

yes. i have it on the white xbox. lags slightly more tho and there are synchronization problems

What is the mod called for minecraft that never lags?

Well, there is no mod that makes you never lag, but there is a mod that stops you lagging- Its called optifine.

How do you film Minecraft?

Get a screen recorder like HyperCam or Fraps. I personally use Camtasia, but HyperCam works fine, though it lags a bit.

Do Toshiba satellite ultrabooks work for minecraft?

Yes they do. I have a Toshiba Satellite L645 But it lags a little bit because it doesn't have a large amount of RAM!

How do you make an HD texture pack in Minecraft that does not lag?

Just like normal. If it lags, you need a better computer. There's not much you can do with the texture pack.

Minecraft server lags when joining as host but friends don't when they join HELP it started doing this recently?

I am having the same exact problem and I have no idea how to fix it.

What is the best map editor for minecraft?

Probably MCEdit, but it lags really badly on slower computers, kinda hard to learn to use, and can corrupt your Minecraft saves, if you're not careful. There are other map editors, such as NBTForge or Omen, but they are mostly outdated.

What is armor for in Minecraft?

Armor is a way to protect to you in Minecraft. It can reduce the damage done to you by mobs. But also know that it gets damage over time and can break.

When we are playing it lags at combat arms?

It lags with slow connection , bad connection or corrupted connection

Will your laptop run minecraft if it can run counterstrike and half-life 2 but it lags when you play the free in browser minecraft?

If it's able to run counter strike and half-life 2 it should definitely be able to run minecraft. Remember that the free minecraft version on their home page requires java, so maybe your java version is outdated? Minecraft doesn't require so much from your computer, so it will probably work. But, if you have troubles with lags, try to clean up some junk on your computer. That helps a lot! When I play minecraft on my laptop I always change the desktop to an old, plain theme, like just completely blue. I also do a defragment and clean up some old files. I recommend TuneUp Utilities, but there are other good programs out there as well. It costs a bit money, but it surely makes a huge difference!

Why aspalt 8 lags on galaxy note 3?

Aspalt 8 lags on the Galaxy Note 3 because it is heavy.