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exactly the same way you would in diamond or pearl , you have to get a digger drill go to a wall and drill a hole and there you will have your under ground base but i think you need to talk to the old man in eterna city first and do his missions

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Q: How do you make a underground base in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you make a underground base in sapphire?

You can only make normal above ground bases, underground bases are only in diamond and pearl and platinum.

How do you set up a base in capture the flag on Pokemon Platinum?

You'll need a Digger Drill to make a Secret Base. Face any wall in the Underground and activate the Digger Drill from the Trap section in the menu (X button).

What is a Digger Drill in Pokemon?

A Digger Drill allows you to make a base underground.

What happens to your old underground base in Pokemon diamond if you make another?

it goes away

What do you do if you bought a second digger drill in Pokemon platinum?

You can either sell it or use it to make another underground secret hideout!

Where do you find the explorer kit in platinum?

You must speak with the Underground man in Eterna City. He will then give you an Explorer Kit which will allow you to explore underground and dig for treasures. You can also make a Secret Base underground and connect with friends. Hope I've helped! .:Funkeheap15>.<:.

How do you make an underground base in Pokemon pearl?

Easy just go to Eterna City and go to the House next to the Pokemon Center, There is old man inside the house go talk to him and he will give you some missions, and for his last mission he will tell you to make your own underground base. He will give you the items to make your base. by Erren

How do you get a friend code for Pokemon platinum I go to Pokemon center underground and I try to connect but it wont work Please help me?

make you youre ds is setup for wifi ,do u have a journal?

How do you get a secret base in pokemon diamond?

first you need a underground kit from eterna city and do some kind of tests until you get to the test where you can make your secret base.

How do you make a Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

by breeding an evie

How do you find on Pokemon platinum?

this does not make sense

Can you make Pokemon with unowns in Pokemon Platinum?

Noi, you cannot make Pokémon with any of the Unowns in Pokémon Platinum.