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There are many ways to lose life points. Every player starts out with 2000 at the beginning of the duel. Some cards say to inflict this much damage to your or your opponent's life points often after a certain requirement has been fulfilled or to pay as a cost for a certain effect. The most common example of losing life points though, would be if one player attacked another player with a monster with atk points higher than the opponent's atk position monster. The difference between their atk points would be inflicted to the person with the lower atk point monster.

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Q: How do you lose life points in yu gi oh?
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What yu gi oh cards make your opponent lose life points when they attack your monsters?

I know only Magic Cylinder

In the popular TGC game Yu-Gi-Oh what is the standared no. of Life Points?

8,000 Life Points.

How many life points does a yu gi oh player have?

Well at the actual show each player starts with 4000 life points. But in real yu gi oh card games like you get yu gi oh playable cards you start with 8000

Can you use the Ring of Destruction and then the Ring of Defense to protect life points in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, you can use these back-to-back in Yu-Gi-Oh.

What is the maximum tournament legal amount of Life points you can have in Yu-Gi-Oh?

There is no upward maximum.

Is there a yu gi oh app for iPod touch?

Yes, there is an app to count your life points but that is it.

How many starter life points do you get when you first start playing Yu Gi Oh?


Is there a yu-gi-oh card that destroys all life points?

No. But if there is, it is probably already banned.

How many lifepoints can you go up to in a Yu-Gi-Oh duel?

You can have as many life points as you want.

How do you defeat a Yu-Gi-Oh master?

You beat him/her in a duel by reducing his/her life points to zero before they do.

How many life points does a Yu-Gi-Oh player have?

8000. But in the anime the usually have either 2000 or 4000

Do you lose 3000 LP after Griggle is removed from the field in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No, Griggle only increases life, not decreases it.