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Yes, but only if they have no monsters left on the field- or If you have a spell/trap/special monster that allows you to attack them directly.

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Q: Can you attack the other players life points directly in Yu-Gi-Oh?
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What food is good for ra?

other yugioh cards monster the higher attack points the better

In Yugioh what happens if your monster which is weaker attacks a monster that is stronger Do you lose life points and the monster is destroyed or is it just your life points?

Your monster is destroyed if the monster you attack is in attack position, and you lose life points.

In Yugioh gx why does zane not attack yubel with cyber end dragon?

because he payed life of the effect of power bond 4000 cyber end dragon attack points

Can you combine two monsters attack points to destroy a monster in yugioh?

You cannot manually. Such an occurence could only result from a card effect.

In Yugioh if both players drew all 5 pieces of Exodia for their first 5 cards who would win?

No one, that would be a draw - same as if both players had their life points reduced to 0 at the same time.

How many attack points does the most powerful Yugioh card have?

In terms of stats, Dragon Master Knight and Five-Headed Dragon each have 5000 ATK and DEF.

How do you get extra DP on YuGiOh World Championship 2008?

Completing downloadable Duel Puzzles, as well as dueling computer and players online, is another way to earn DP (Duel Points).

In Yugioh are you able to use forbidden lance on a clear vice dragon with zero atk and if you are able when clear vice attacks does it loose 800 atk after its atk is doubled?

You are able to use Forbidden Lance on Clear Vice Dragon and it'll indeed lose 800 Attack after his Attack is double the Attack of the opponements monster. Example: You use Forbidden Lance on Clear Vice Dragon and then attack a Elemental Hero Burstinatrix(1200 Attack Points) with it, then your Clear Vice Dragon's Attack Points get 2400 and he loses 800 Attack Points because of Forbidden Lance. So he'll end up with 1600 Attack Points.

How do you make points in war commander?

For points to level up, you have to build and upgrade buildings, attack rogue bases, attacking other players, and building units

If a question mark is over a cards atk in yugioh what is the atk of that card?

it means that they might have a special effect like the Calculator has a ? in its attack its effect being this card gains attack points equal to the tolal level of all monster on your side of the field x300

How long does it take to get bp points for Yugioh online 3?

until you buy it!

What happen if you attack directly with blue-eyes white dragon when you only have 500 life points left and your opponent activate just desert an your opponent have 3000 life points left who wins?

The game ends immediately after a resolution in which one or both players have their life points reduced to zero. Remember, a lot of things can happen in between a monster declaring an attack, and the damage actually being dealt. Responding to the attack with Just Desserts will end the game when it resolves, the game finishes way before the Blue-Eyes can deal the 3000 battle damage.