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If your friend has the game installed then you enter your account information into the login screen.

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Q: How do you log in to my account from a friends computer?
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Is it a crime to go onto your friends computer account at school?

It is a crime to log into someone else's account on the computer. You could get into some serious trouble.

If you log in to your xbox account and have cuphead can you get it free if you log in on your computer?


How can you get on facebook using a friends computer?

Simply log them out and log yourself in.

My account was in my friends list?

If you have lost your account because it was in your friends list, you should contact the company where you have your account. They can help you find your account and your log on information.

How do you remove facebook account from one computer and install another already created on another computer?

Your facebook account is nothing to do with the computer you're using it on. When you log-in to your facebook account, the details you enter are compared with the expected details held on their membership server. Provided you remember your log-in details, you can log into facebook from anywhere !

Can someone log in your yahoo account when you are log in?

Maybe I think if someone does log in it'll kick you out or something.. or your computer might start doing what the other person is doing on your account.

How do you log into your runescape account from a different computer?

The procedure is the same, no matter where you are.

How do you check my Gmail on someone else's computer?

You can log into your Gmail from any computer. You must log out from any gmail account opened. Then you have to put your details in it for the same.

Can you play Minecraft if you have bought it on a different computer?

Minecraft is all about the account you made, you can log into that account on any computer, you are not forced to play it only on the computer that you purchased it on.

When you buy Minecraft does it do it for the account you have or that computer?

It is your account that is made premium. You could log into your account from any PC that has the Minecraft client.

What to do if your zwinky account wont let you go anywhere on your account when you log in?

Swanky downloads a bug to your computer

How do you email Facebook friends?

People who are on Facebook have an email to log in, so you can just email your friends who have an Facebook account.