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Go to Mine Thailand & go to minecraft Mod Clay Soldier & Download it after Download already Download Minecraft mod Clay Soldier & Install Mediafire after Install already Install mediafire

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Q: How do you install a clay soldier mod at 1.8.1?
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How do you do install the clay soldier mod on minecraft?

There many ways install this mod but the best way is the CSM installer.

How do you make clay soldiers in minecraft?

Install the clay soldiers mod then place 1 soul sand with 1 clay (I think)

What do you use to make color clay soilders in minecraft?

with the clay soldiers mod? craft a clay soldier with lapiz lazuli or cactus green or something else that can be used to dye wool.... :)

How do you download the clay Soldiers mod to your Xbox one from your computer?

Look it up on for a video tutorial, or download the clay soldier mod from the forum topic. then move all the files within the download into your minecraft.jar file. once it is done open minecraft, and enjoy the mod!

How do I install wizard craft mod for minecraft?

Install it like a normal mod.

How everone can be a zombie in vice city?

You can install a zombie mod in the game.Download the mod from internet,then install with the given instructions.

How did you get buggati in gta vice city?

You can download a Buggati Mod from internet.Then you need to download Mod installer so that you an install the mods.Then open the instructions with mod installer and follow them to install the mod.

Is the aether mod compatible with clay soldiers?

yes it is

How do you put the mod on Minecraft?

Which mod?!?!?! It all depends on the mod. Lots of mods are different to install. The easiest mod to instal is the Technic pack. Just install, then run. Easy. just go to

How do you install a car mod for grand theft auto vice city for computer?

You first need to download the mod to the computer.Then you can download the mod installer for the game.You can install mods using the mod installer easily.

Where can you install Garrys mod?


How do you install star wars mod for minecraft?

go to and download the mod