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Its a mod.




S=Soul sand

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Q: How do you make clay people in minecraft?
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Can you make clay on minecraft PE?

punch/dig clay blocks

How do you make clay soldiers on minecraft?

4 clay make this pumkin head xxx x

How do you make a clay bricks in minecraft?

Mine the clay and put it in the furnace and heat it. then make a 2x2 square of the clay bricks to make brick.

How many clay blocks do you need to make to make a stack of brick Minecraft?

4 clay blocks i think

How do you make clay soldiers in minecraft?

Install the clay soldiers mod then place 1 soul sand with 1 clay (I think)

What can you make with clay blocks in Minecraft?

Nothing but if you destroy a clay block, you can then use the clay for bricks with the furnace and then four bricks make a brick block. So one clay block = one brick block.

How do you make a clay horse in minecraft?

Need Soul sand and clay blocks. Put the Soul sand on top the clay blocks

How do you make clay in minecraft?

In Minecraft, clay is always found beside or under water. It can be identified by its light grey color. It is soft enough to be dug with bare hands though a shovel speeds things up considerably. When the clay block breaks it produces a number of clay balls. These can be heated in a furnace to make bricks.

Can you get clay on free minecraft?

No you cannot. You can only get Bricks. On Beta 1.5_01 Clay is cooked in a Furnace to make Bricks which are formed into Brick Blocks.

When will clay soldiers be added to Minecraft?

Maybe in minecraft 1.5.3

What do you use to make color clay soilders in minecraft?

with the clay soldiers mod? craft a clay soldier with lapiz lazuli or cactus green or something else that can be used to dye wool.... :)

How do you install clay soldiers in Minecraft?

You don't.