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You don't.

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Q: How do you install clay soldiers in Minecraft?
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How do you make clay soldiers in minecraft?

Install the clay soldiers mod then place 1 soul sand with 1 clay (I think)

When will clay soldiers be added to Minecraft?

Maybe in minecraft 1.5.3

How do you install a clay soldier mod at 1.8.1?

Go to Mine Thailand & go to Minecraft Mod Clay Soldier & Download it after Download already Download Minecraft mod Clay Soldier & Install Mediafire after Install already Install mediafire

How do you get clay soldiers Minecraft on Xbox?

you have to download it from your computer

Can you use the clay soldiers mod for 1.0.0 in minecraft?

yes there is.

How do you make clay soldiers on minecraft?

4 clay make this pumkin head xxx x

Do you have to have the paid Minecraft to have the clay soldiers?

No you don't you can download it on a outdated minecraft as long as the download you download is the same as the outdated minecraft you choose

How do you do install the clay soldier mod on minecraft?

There many ways install this mod but the best way is the CSM installer.

How can the clay soldiers look different from their default look in minecraft?

You changed the texture pack?

Do you have to drag the files of modloader into minecraft jar when installing clay soldiers mod?


Can you get clay soldiers on minecraft Xbox?

Not without modding which is frowned upon by Microsoft and voids your xbox warranty.

What do you use to make color clay soilders in minecraft?

with the clay soldiers mod? craft a clay soldier with lapiz lazuli or cactus green or something else that can be used to dye wool.... :)