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Which mod?!?!?! It all depends on the mod. Lots of mods are different to install. The easiest mod to instal is the Technic pack. Just install, then run. Easy. just go to

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Q: How do you put the mod on Minecraft?
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How do you get the Pokemon mod in Minecraft?

Download it of the INTERNET and then put it on minecraft

How do you put your sword on your back in minecraft?

You can't unless you have a mod.

Where do you put your minecraft mods?

Depends on the mod. Either you mod folder in Run>%appdata%>.minecraft or they have to be installed into the minecrat.jar file itself. Check the mod details of whatever mod you're downloading.

How do you put a helmet on a pig in Minecraft?

You can't. That is only on Minecraft Animations. But there is a Pig Companion mod where you can tame a pig and put a helmet on it.

What do you put in a miner on Minecraft Industrialcraft mod?

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Is there a limit to how many mods in minecraft that it can run because you put five then minecraft crashes?

you can have many mod but say if you have the mc donalds mod installed then you try jammy furniture with it it will crash and minecraft will force close

What is the best mod in Minecraft?

Minecraft doesn't have an official best mod.

Can you have a Minecraft mod without downloading it?

Nope. You HAVE to download a minecraft mod to have it.

What is the airplane mod in Minecraft?

a mod where you can fly a plane on minecraft so get it

How do you get Minecraft mo creatures?

Mo Creatures is a modification (mod) for Minecraft. You can get this mod by downloading it from The Minecraft Forums.

Can timber mod work in minecraft multiplayer?

There is a timber mod for multiplayer that the owner has to put on, so yes it does work if you're the owner.

Is there a superhero mod in minecraft-?

One example of a superhero mod in Minecraft is Superheros Unlimited for version 1.6.4.