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you level up the Pokemon or give them stat boost you can buy at the Pokemon super mart like protein,carbos,iron ect

You can also increase there stats by getting EV-enhancing items at the battle frontier for 16 battle points each the items are.

Power weight: increases hp

Power bracer: increases attack

Power belt: increases defense

Power lens: increases special attack

Power band: increases special defense

Power anklet: increases speed

You can make your Pokemon stronger in stats by making them hold these.

They really do work I have a Dusknoir that has really high hp and they are usually supposed to have low hp.

You find these items at battle frontier on the bottom left shop near the battle castle.

To gain battle points I suggest going to battle hall since you get more battle points the longer you keep a winning streak make sure you use a Pokemon with a wide variety of types of attacks to make sure you don't get stuck at a Pokemon like shedinja.

You can also make a Pokemon hold one of these while breeding them so the egg has a higher stat for which item you chose it to hold.

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Q: How do you increase your Pokemon's stats in Pokemon Diamond?
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How can you make in Pokemon diamond all your pokemons have 999 in all their stats?

using a cheat code from a gameshark or action replay etc.. i believe they only have it as long as cheat is active though

In Pokemon Diamond do Berries lose their effect once made into a Poffin?

yes because they'll go straight to your poffin case and lose their effect just to raise your pokemons stats.

How do you max out a pokemons happiness?

Maxing out the happiness of a pokemon is somewhat time consuming. Walking around with the pokemon in the lead position will help slowly increase the happiness. You can also feed the pokemon poffins to help raise stats and happiness.

What does rare candy do to your pokemons stats?

They will make your Pokemon grow 1 level instantly. However it's stats will increase normally. The best players usually want thier pokemon to have a certain high stats like high speed, If you don't care about how the stats are distributed then rare candies is good.Another exampleYou can continuously fight gravellors to increase your defence and have low attack, speed etc. Or you can use rare candies and have even stats depending on your pokemon.Shabbir makai

Are unknows good pokemons in Pokemon leaf green?

Not really. Game wise they have poor stats and can only use hidden power. There are much better Pokemon out there.

What is the cheat code to get your pokemons stats to bypass 510 Pokemon pearl?

There is no such cheat code. This limit is built into the game and cannot be changed.

What do vitamns do in Pokemon Diamond?

they strengthen up your Pokemon on theyre basic stats and they stay like that!!

What is the best Pokemon to have in Pokemon Diamond?

The best Pokemon to have in Pokemon diamond is Arceus because he has the best stats in Pokemon diamond. Answer 2 Marowak and Latios are better. Answer 3 Dragonite would have to be the best! It has great stats, is immune to a lot of types and can learn many moves like fire-type moves to deal with super effective ice-types.

Where do you go to see the worldwide stats in contests in Pokemon diamond?


What do you get from badges?

Highe level Pokemon obey yu, use HMs outside battle, increases to your pokemons stats and entry o the elite four.

Who is the best Pokemon you can have in master rank cool contest in Pokemon Diamond?

It really just depends on the Pokemon and its stats/moves :)

Can your Pokemon have still have Poffins if it has reached its' max in Pokemon Diamond?

Yes.but the stats wont go up if you do.