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Find Soil then plant a berry next water it with the wailmer pail about 6 or more times then save the game turn it off and leave it off for a day play the game the next day and water the plant 6 or more times again repeat this process until 3 days pass and the berry plant should be fully grown you can now pick the berries off you should receive about 2 or 3 berries.

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Q: How do you grow berries in Pokemon Ruby?
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Is there a cheat for Pokemon ruby to make max level berries?


How do you obtain curtain berries in Pokemon ruby?

talk to trees

How do you get berries to grow if they wont grow on Pokemon emerald?

You have to wait for it to grow.

What berries are found in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

all of them

How do you get pokeblox on Pokemon ruby?

by getting berries and going to contest halls to blend them.

In Pokemon Ruby what makes Pokemon happy?

Make them eat berries and don't let them faint in battles.

Where do you get a sitrus berry in Pokemon Ruby?

I'm bored so I will answer :D... Citrus berries can be found about everywhere in Pokemon Ruby... so a good example is Route 22.

On Pokemon Ruby when does walmer grow?

level 40

How do you grow the cornnberry on Pokemon emerald?

You grow it like any other berry: You plant it, water it (if you want more than two berries to grow) and pick the berries.

Where is Pokemon Heracross in Pokemon ruby?

to get heracross, you have to go to the safari zone. i suggest you go in with a lot of berries, because if you get close to him many times it runs away. so you have to throw him berries

In Pokemon diamond how long do berries take to grow?

it takes about 1-3 days to grow

How do you grow berries in Pokemon diamond quicker?

by using the sprayduck or waiting