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There are three ways:

1. Rare items are a common thing in the trading rooms. If you invite someone , they most likely have a few rare items they can trade to you.

2. Every time you go to the Curio Shop, tip Arte and buy something cheap from there. If you keep doing that, he will eventually tell you the hour his next rare item will be stocked, if you click "Ask About Rare Items."

3. Lastly, there is a website called They have a rare items schedule that tells you the time and price of the next rare item daily. Just scroll over "Webkinz Tools" at the top of the page and click "Rare Items Schedule."

Thanks, hope I helped!

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Q: How do you get rare items on webkinz?
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Can you do a cheat to get rare items on Webkinz?

Cheats are not allowed on Webkinz. And there are not any cheats for it.

Where can you get rare Webkinz items?

You can just add me as a friend and i will send you rare items for something in return. My username is jay53

What are all the rare items on webkinz?

In the related links, there is the link to a page on the Webkinz Insider Wiki. The page is all about Rare Items in the Curio Shop. (Listing them all would take too long)

What do you trade on Webkinz?

Personally I trade rare clothing, rare food and exclusive items. That's what people like.

Can you send rare items to jonnywp10 in webkinz?

i asked you to be my friend on webkinz world I'll try user name is vitty1234

How many Webkinz are rare?

There are no rare Webkinz.

What is the items to the recipe that makes the rare shirt on the mega stove at webkinz?

if you're looking for a rare shirt try the curio shop.

Is there a list on webkinz that shows all rare items?

You can either go to Kinzapedia on WebkinzNewz or go to the WebkinzInsider.

Do you know anything about webkinz?

GO TO THE WEBKINZ INSIDER! it will give you everything that you need to know!! ie:badges, todays activities, rare items, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Can some one give me webkinz useernames and passwolds?

griternist nopernilter9535123 7 pets 42 rare items

Are there unlockables on Webkinz?

when you buy webkinz or webkinz items it unlocks things on webkinz

How do you make the fairy princess dress in the webkinz clothing machine?

Actually, it might NOT be in the KinzStyle Outlet clothing machine. I woul try the Curio Shop and look for rare items. (To get rare items at the Curio shop, you have to give a tip.)