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Cheats are not allowed on Webkinz. And there are not any cheats for it.

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Q: Can you do a cheat to get rare items on Webkinz?
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Can you duplicat items on webkinz?

nonote. well maybe you can by cheating but if you cheat the webkinz people will get rid of your acount.!WARNING!. i wouldn't cheat if i were you!

Where can you get rare Webkinz items?

You can just add me as a friend and i will send you rare items for something in return. My username is jay53

What are all the rare items on webkinz?

In the related links, there is the link to a page on the Webkinz Insider Wiki. The page is all about Rare Items in the Curio Shop. (Listing them all would take too long)

What do you trade on Webkinz?

Personally I trade rare clothing, rare food and exclusive items. That's what people like.

Does Webkinz have cheat codes?

Yes, webkinz does have webkinz cheat codes!

Can you send rare items to jonnywp10 in webkinz?

i asked you to be my friend on webkinz world I'll try user name is vitty1234

Is there a webkinz cheat code that can get you exclusive items?

no there are no code cheats. EITHER WAY IF YOU TRY YOU CAN BE BANNED.

How many Webkinz are rare?

There are no rare Webkinz.

What is the items to the recipe that makes the rare shirt on the mega stove at webkinz?

if you're looking for a rare shirt try the curio shop.

Webkinz pet of the month iteams cheat?

Yes-it gives you exclusive items that you can't get anywhere else.

Webkinz cheat codes for the code shop?

There are no cheat codes in Webkinz

How do you get free kinscash in Webkinz?

You cannot get free kinzcash on webkinz, they monitor webkinz very closely they know every cheat code, so there for if you cheat on webkinz you will be banned forever. DON'T CHEAT ON WEBKINZ!