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There are no cheat codes in Webkinz

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Q: Webkinz cheat codes for the code shop?
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Where do you type in webkinz cheat codes?

it really depends on what kind of code it is. if it is a code for the code shop you obviously type it into the code shop. if it is a code for something else then you will have to search it. i have never tried other codes besides one for the code shop because the webkinz people watch your every move. they can kick you off of your webkinz account so its not a good idea to use other cheat codes. be sure to comment me on my page. P.S my name is mougly

Where can you find Webkinz codes?

You buy Webkinz codes in the Webkinz Code Shop. For the link to the Code Shop, please see Related Links below.

What are some reusable webkinz codes for the code shop?

You can not reuse code shop codes

What are the codes for the codes shop on webkinz?

When you buy a card pack of webkinz cards it will have a "code card" and it will give up to 5 codes on it and you can go into the code shop on webkinz and enter them to get prizes

How do you type in a cheat on webkinz to make it work?

There are not any cheats on Webkinz, so there would be no way to type them in. About the only "cheat" you can have is the feature codes, you get there by going to things to do then go to the code shop and type the code(s) into the spaces.

Can you get some codes for the webkinz code shop?

Yes You can get codes for the Code Shop from the eStore or win them in a contest.

What are some Webkinz code shop codes?

You can only get codes from purchasing webkinz trading cards, kinzstyle, and other products. They all come with codes you can use at the code shop.

What are Webkinz code shop codes?

Codes brought from shops to unlock new items for the Webkinz Pet

How do you get codes for the code shop on Webkinz?

You get codes by buying Webkinz Figures, Clothes, Charms, School Supplies, ect.

Where to enter estore codes on webkinz?

you enter them in the Code Shop

Where do you put the trading card codes in on webkinz?

the code shop

Are codes in webkinz for the code shop all numbers?

No, they are letters and numbers.