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the code shop

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Q: Where do you put the trading card codes in on webkinz?
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How do you see your Webkinz trading card album on Webkinz?

you put it in your room and then you change it to walk and you click on it.then you get to see your cards.

How do you play with webkinz trading cards?

First you buy the trading card packs. Then you open your pack and take the code card pack out. Then you go to webkinz world and go to the code shop. You enter the code then you get the stuff. Put the stuff you get in your room. Enjoy!

How do you type in codes in Pokemon trading card games?

You Have to put the code that came with the cards

How do you put in a cheat code on webkinz?

There are currently no cheat codes available on Webkinz.

How do you put webkinz trading cards in order?

well actually i had the same problem and i got a webkinz "binder"

How can you clean a trading card?

by put a panyo

If you change your computers past will it mess up your webkinz codes and not let you put them on again?

No. All of that information is stored in the webkinz headquarters.

Where do you put the codes on aqw?

Ussualy you put the codes in with valincia except card clasher class

How do you use webkinz trading cards?

all i know is you put them in your room and then you look at them but then i dont know where they go

Can you have two accounts on webkinz?

Yes, you can, although you can't put pets, items, and feature codes on both.

How do you get WeeWorld card codes for free?

I.... Well, people can put their weemees up for a trade, they mostly trade it for a: PPC. (Pre-paid card) You have to have the card. Ask them nicely! But only if they are trading their account for a pre-paid card (PPC) Thanks! . Add me on weeworld, im xfunnybunnyx

Where to put codes to get card clasher class on aqw?

give me if you get it!