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No, you cannot.

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Q: Can you put two webkinz accounts together?
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Can you join two accounts on Webkinz?

Yes you can make two acounts on webkinz .

Can you have two accounts on webkinz?

Yes, you can, although you can't put pets, items, and feature codes on both.

Who has the most identical Webkinz?

Are you talking about two Webkinz peoples' accounts, or different stores or what?

What happens if you dont create two accounts on webkinz?

Ummm.... why WOULD you have two accounts? Nothing happens if you don't have two.

Where can you find a webkinz welcome back code?

Nope!!!That is me and my friends accounts!!!You hacker!!!I am in webkinz RIGHT NOW and something is different about my kinzcash.Oh and P.S. your 7 year old sister did NOT make those two accounts!!!"Also never trust websites that are black im serious. ''I cant trust YOU!!!

On Webkinz can you connect two yards together?

No you will have to go through a door to get there. You can have two yards next to each other but no jumbo yard.

Is there a bed on Webkinz that two Webkinz can sleep on?


What is the height of 50 cent?

Two quarters put together! Two quarters put together! Two quarters put together!

How do you put two webkinz in the same room?

Go to my pets while in your house and click on a different webkinz. This will take you to the room your webkin is currently in. Then you can move it manualy or by the map to another room.

Can any two triangles put together make a square or a rectangle?

can two triangles put together make a square

Do they sell Webkinz at meijer?

I have bought two of my webkinz from Meijors

How do you make a skirt for your webkinz?

You can't 'make' skirts for webkinz. You buy them. Answer: Although you can't make clothes for online webkinz, you can certainly sew them. Measure the waist of your pet. Add 1/3 to 1/4 of that measurement again (depending on how full you want the skirt). Measure from the waist to the point where you want the skirt to end. Add an inch. Cut a rectangle with these two measurements. Fold over the waist side 1/2 inch and sew it down. (The ugly side should be inside the folded part.) Don't sew across the ends! Put the two short sides together. Sew, but don't close off those ends. (If your webkinz has a tail, leave a space in this seam for it to pull through.) Now you can put 3/8" elastic through the tunnel you made. Try it on the Webkinz. Adjust to fit. Sew the two ends of the elastic together. Hand sew the opening shut. Put a hem along the bottom of the skirt, and you're done.