Is Webkinz fun

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes Webkinz is very fun! The webkinz are so cute and i love playing on Webkinz! I have only two but i am hoping to get more! I am 16 and my sister is 21 and we play...

I love webkinz too! I have 18 of them and i have been playing for years! My favorite game is polar plunge!

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Q: Is Webkinz fun
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What are better Webkinz or Chipmunks?

i think webkinz cuz u can do fun stuff there

Why do you have Webkinz?

I have Webkinz because they are fun, educational, online toys that can give hours of entertainment.

Is Myepets more fun than Webkinz?

no!!!!!!! webkinz is so much more fun since there are more things to do and more pets to adopt

Is Webkinz World fun?

Of course it is! Why wouldn't it be? :)

I heard there were fun webkinz stories to read. What are they and what website find them at?

Find them at the chat rooms on webkinz.

Can a Webkinz have a famliy?

yes,you can have big webkinz as the parents and lil' kinz as the kids. it so fun.

You are 12 are you to old for webkinz?

Of course you can play with webkinz and be 12.I know adults that play on webkinz. Have Fun!!!

Does the pink pony kill webkinz pets?

Of course they do not! Webkinz are sold to have fun with them, not to kill. hope it answered your answer

How many big Webkinz are out?

There are at least 64 big webkinz out, and you can always find out what kinz is comming out next at the webkinz newspaper! So go, and have fun with it!!! ;)

Are webkinz cool and fun?

Well, that's your opinion. Lots of kids think they are fun, and others don't. I don't like Webkinz because they are expensive (cost from $8 to $20 per webkinz) and get boring after a while. 2 years ago I loved Webkinz and now I hate them! i think they are probably fun for kids aged 5-12., well it depends on your character. is you like to play games and stuff then you will love webkinz.

Did they get rid of Webkinz Bingo on Webkinz?

No they haven't. It is fun for a ton of people though. I'm not really a fan of it... but allwell.

Are there tricks to finding doug the dog on webkinz?

I'm really not sure so yeah... have fun on webkinz though!!!