Where is the code shop on webkinz?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When you log into your webkinz, the Code Shop is located in the things to do list. Then you can enter your featured code.

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Q: Where is the code shop on webkinz?
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How do you get to code shop on webkinz?

Click the Webkinz map, then click code shop.

A Webkinz zum code?

A webkinz zum code is what you get when you buy a zumbuddy for your webkinz. You put in the code at the code shop.

What is a code to enter in the code shop on webkinz And is the code fjdskjxcfbjshyfu?

no its not!!!

Give you a code for webkinz code shop?


Webkinz cheat codes for the code shop?

There are no cheat codes in Webkinz

What is a webkinz figure code?

its a code that when you buy a WEBKINZ if the WEBKINZ has two tags on it then the red one is the fugure code and all you do is take it the code shop and enter it and you get a prize :)

What is a webkinz code shop code?

it is on the map near the top

How do you to get to the webkinz code shop?

click on it on the map.

Webkinz 'wacky zingoz' that you cannot get registered on the webkinz site?

It would be logged into the code shop because it has a code and also it is not a webkinz pet/

Where do you find the code shop on the webkinz page?

you go to your things to do list and click on code shop

How do you enter your kinz klip on your Webkinz account?

The code shop with your code!

Where Do you Adopt your Webkinz Mazin Hamster?

the code shop