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you can only get it in the beginning

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Q: How do you get venasuar on pokedex FireRed?
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How do you get venasuar on Pokemon Emerald?

Trade from FireRed or LeafGreen.

How can you get venasuar on Pokemon FireRed?

you have to get a bulbasaur for starter Pokemon and evolve it to a venesuar

What level does venasuar learn earthquake in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to use the TM10 to get earthquake. Venasuar doesn't learn it on its own

In Pokemon FireRed how do you tell where you are on your pokedex?

look in your pokedex

Pokedex between LeafGreen and FireRed?

Firered and leafgreen both can catch different Pokemon but there pokedex is the same, here is some examples: magmar only in leafgreen not firered, oddish in firered not leafgreen, ekans in firered not leafgreen, bellsprout in leafgreen not firered, pinsir in leafgreen not firered.

Where do you find Squirtle in Pokemon FireRed to complete my pokedex?

Squirtle is only obtainable if you chose it at the beginning of the game you must get one from another firered or leafgreen then give it to your firered and then you can finish your pokedex.

Where can you fight Blastoise with venasuar on Pokemon FireRed?

If u start to playing with squirtle your rival takes balbasaur.. and you beat elitefour then u can fight him

How many Pokemon must see to get national pokedex?

You have to trade with firered or leafgreen to get the national pokedex.

What is there to do when you beat FireRed?

u could complete the pokedex

How do you fill out your pokedex in FireRed?

catch 80 Pokemon

How do you use the POKeDEX in FireRed?

First you have to press enter in your keyboard.Then a box appears on the right of the screen.At the top there will be written 'pokedex'.Press it and the pokedex will appear.

Can You show me the FireRed and LeafGreen pokedex?

Go to Google and type in [Pokemon Fire Red Pokedex list] or [Pokemon Leaf Green Pokedex list].AnswerVisit and read up to the Sinnoh Pokedex. These are all the Pokemon available in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.