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Firered and leafgreen both can catch different Pokemon but there pokedex is the same, here is some examples: magmar only in leafgreen not firered, oddish in firered not leafgreen, ekans in firered not leafgreen, bellsprout in leafgreen not firered, pinsir in leafgreen not firered.

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Q: Pokedex between LeafGreen and FireRed
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How many Pokemon must see to get national pokedex?

You have to trade with firered or leafgreen to get the national pokedex.

What is 54 on the pokedex in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Psyduck. must trade from firered

Where do you find Squirtle in Pokemon FireRed to complete my pokedex?

Squirtle is only obtainable if you chose it at the beginning of the game you must get one from another firered or leafgreen then give it to your firered and then you can finish your pokedex.

In Pokemon pearl how do you get Bulbasaur?

get firered or leafgreen and migrate it to pearl after national pokedex

Can you find a shelder in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I know firered can, if you seen a shellder look at it on your pokedex and check its area if it says unkown you will HAVE to trade a shellder to leafgreen from firered.

Can You show me the FireRed and LeafGreen pokedex?

Go to Google and type in [Pokemon Fire Red Pokedex list] or [Pokemon Leaf Green Pokedex list].AnswerVisit and read up to the Sinnoh Pokedex. These are all the Pokemon available in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

How do you get chancy?

in peral/diamond you have to get the national pokedex in firered/leafgreen you can catch it in the later stages of the game

How do you get a pokedesk in Pokemon Ruby?

The original Pokedex is given to the player by Professor Birch. After the Pokemon Ruby trades with LeafGreen or FireRed the National Pokedex will be unlocked.

How do you get meoto?

* Mewtwo can only be recorded on your PokeDex if... * In FireRed/Leafgreen: Go to Cerulean Cave (guarded when Elite Four is not beaten at Cerulean City) * In Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Trade from FireRed/Leafgreen when the Ruby/Sapphire is found in FireRed or LeafGreen * In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Send to Pal Park by any GBA game

How do you catch charmader in Pokemon emerald?

you must have the national pokedex at search for it in the trall grass and catch it or trade it from firered or leafgreen

How do you finish your pokedex on Pokemon FireRed version?

you need to trade bellsprout, vulpix, and sanshrew from leafgreen and you can get the rest in fire red.

Electabuzz in leafgreen?

In firered, it is in the powerplant, but you can't get them in leafgreen. You have to trade it from firered.