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action replay

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Q: How do you get tyranantar on pkmn diamond?
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Where can you find Vulpix in Pokemon Diamond?

it doesnt show it in pkmn diamond, but in pkmn pearl

Where is arceius on pkmn diamond?

in the hall of origin

How do you get really high stats in pkmn diamond?

You train.

On pkmn diamond what is no102 on the pokedex?

To be honest with ya i am not sure.

How do you get volt tackel on Pokemon FireRed?

you cant....................... but you can if you get pkmn diamond or pearl

Where are the trade locations in Pokemon diamond?

upstairs at any pkmn center.

Where do you get 212 on the national pokedex on Pokemon pearl?

you have to trade it with pkmn diamond

Pokemon diamond where to catch pkmn number114 80 and 46?

in the game

How do you get totadile in diamond?

Type your answer here... Ok, how do you get a Totadile in Pkmn Diamond. You get HG, SS, Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby then you egg Totadile because you don't want to lose your starter PKMN. Then you migrate or trade it. GO ENTEI

Were is Roselia in pkmn diamond?

roseelia is found on route 212 it will be around lv 25

Where can you get a water stone in diamond?

It would be the same as PKMN Pearl & PKMN Platinum. In Diamond, you can get it in The Underground & Route 213. In Platinum, you can find it in the Solaceon Ruins. You must have a Poliwhirl, a Shellder, a Staryu, an Eevee, or a Lombre seeing you want a Water Stone.

How can shaymin go to sky form?

get a gracedia flower and have shaymin hold it during day only (if you are on pkmn diamond or pearl you will have to get a friend to trade a Pokemon holding it from pkmn platinum)(if you are on pkmn platinum a girl in the flower shop in floaroama city)