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When online in the multiplayer lobby, there are some options on the top left corner, "Create Class" for example, one of the options is playercard

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Q: How do you get to your playercard on black ops?
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How do you get preistige mode on black ops?

Its on your playercard.

How do you make a Tomahawk Playercard on COD Black Ops?

you cant

How do you change your player card on Call of Duty Black Ops?

When at the Multiplayer menu go to Playercard, then Edit Playercard.

How do you create an emblem on cod black ops?

At level ten you unlock the playercard

How do you change your tag in black ops?

in your player options (along with playercard etc.)

How do you make a Black Ops emblem?

Playercard - Edit PLayercard - layer 1 (pick your object) - layer 2 (pick your object) and so on.

How do you get girls pics for cod black ops player card?

Go on YouTube and search how to make girl playercard for Black Ops.

On COD Black Ops How can you tell what what prestige level your at?

Google black ops prestige symbols. If none of the symbols are on your playercard, you haven't prestiged.

Where is the store in Call of Duty Black Ops?

You can buy things in Create a class and playercard.

How do you get your emblem to show on your playercard and to show on your gun in black ops?

That you have to buy 1) Go to the class you want it on 2) At the bottom you can buy clan tag or playercard which it allows you to see the playercard or the clan tag on your gun

Is there an Sas playercard on black ops?

Yes there is, you can also decorate it with lots of pictures and stuff :D

How do you make a custom emblum on black ops?

go on player card then go on edit playercard