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head straight along the red carpet until you see a

stairs up. Go up and you'll be in level 2 now. From here, if you

choose to go up there will be trainer upstairs as well as some

interesting note about Mew. Anyway, from level 2, Press the switch

in the statue, so its eyes doesn't glow now. Head to the North-

western corner of the room, and take the stairs to level three.

Here, press the switch on the statue again. Go down, and you supposed

to see a scientist there. In any case, go through him and drop down

though the largest column. You'll find yourself in another section

of the first floor. Beat the trainer, and continue walking along

the room until you see a stairs down. Take the stairs, and you'll

end up in the basement of Cinnabar Mansion. From here, go to the room

on your left. There will be another switch here. Turned it on and

head back to the stairs. From the stairs, head North to the now

unlocked room. From here, head north until you see another statue.

Turn the switch on and head to your left. You should see a room

with some plants and an item on the center. Take the item, and

you'll find that it's the gym key.

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Q: How do you get to the key in Pokemon mansion?
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Where is the key in Pokémon mansion in Pokémon Red?

the key is in the basement of the pokemon mansion

What is in Pokemon mansion Pokemon LeafGreen?

The key to the gym

Where is the secret key in cinnabar mansion?

The secret key is in the Pokemon mansion (Cinnabar Island) in the basement.

How do you get into the 7th Pokemon gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is a key in the Pokemon mansion... you need it to get into the gym... search the Pokemon mansion thoroughly

Where is the key in the big mansion in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the key is in the basement

Where is the key in the Pokemon mansion on Pokemon Red?

The key is laying on a table in the deepest part of the Pokemon mansion. You can find it lying on the table and it's used for opening the gym.

Where is the key in cannibar island Pokemon mansion?

It's located in the basement of the mansion.

Where is the key for the cinnabar gym Pokemon Yellow?

in the bottom of the Pokemon mansion

Where do you find the key in Pokemon FireRed in the Pokemon mansion?

In the house you jerk!

Where is the key in the mansion for Pokemon Red gba?

the basement

How do you get to cinnabar islands gym?

you have to get a key in the Pokemon mansion

What is the key in the Pokemon mansion for?

That key unlocks the door to the cinnibar island gym.