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Q: How do you get through the lakebed temple in Zelda?
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How do you find the boss in the lakebed temple Zelda twilight?

his in a room on the ceiling

Where is the boss in the lakebed temple in the legend of Zelda the twilight princess?

in the main room

Were do you get the 6 life in Zelda the twilight princess?

kill the lakebed temple boss or collect enough heart pieces

What do you need to do to get the first clawshot in Legend of Zelda twilight princess?

you need to go to the lakebed temple in lake hylia

How do you get the fused shadows back in Legend of Zelda twighlight princess?

Beat the first three levels. Forest Temple, Goron Mines, and Lakebed Temple.

Where is the giant frog mini boss in Zelda?

The Frog Toad is the miniboss of the Lakebed Temple. After defeating it, you get the Clawshot, which is the dungeon item.

What temple is after the lakebed temple?

the desert temple Arbiter's Grounds

Where do you find a clawshot?

In the Lakebed temple/ water temple.

In Zelda twighligt princess where is the frog miniboss?

The Deku Toad Mini-Boss is located within the Lakebed Temple, and for defeating him you get a Clawshot. Use a walkthrough for better details.

Where is the lakebed temple in Zelda twilight princess?

It's at the bottom of Lake Hylia. You should have gotten the Zora Armor by now. From there, put it on and just go the place marked on your map.

How do you find the boss templein the lakebed temple Zelda twilight?

If you want to find the BOSS for the Lakebed Temple on Twilight Princess, you have to get the BIG KEY and then go to the room with the giant swiveling staircase, and just jump into the water. The BOSS DOOR is level with the water surface under the swiveling staircase. This BOSS is the coolest one so far. -Caveman1593

How do you get into the boss room in lakebed temple?

Look on the map