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you get it by one of the temples

the wind temple

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Q: How do you get the hook shot in Zelda the wind waker?
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How do you get the hook shot without Makar in the legend of Zelda the wind waker?

Probably with a cheat.

How do you get the upgrated hook shot in wind waker?

The upgraded hook shot is called the "long shot", and there isn't a long shot in tloz Wind Waker.

Which island is the grappling hook at in Zelda The Wind Waker?

Dragon Roost Island

On Zelda wind waker how do you get the hook shot?

You receive this wonderful item in the Earth Temple, where you have a little tree guy named Makar follow you around.

What is after Legend of Zelda wind waker?

In the accepted Zelda timeline, Phantom Hourglass is after Wind Waker. When talking about release dates, Four Swords Adventures is after Wind Waker.

Zelda windwaker were is the hook shot?

It is in the wind temple after you beat the miniboss

How do you switch directions when swinging on a grappling hook in Legends of Zelda Wind Waker?

While on the grappling hook, hold down R and move in the direction of your choice

The grappling hook how do you get it on Zelda wind waker?

You get it from the girl with the wings, Medli (?), at the second dungeon. The second dungeon is on Dragon Roost Mt.

Are they ever going to make a remake of the legend of Zelda the wind waker?

They have remade the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Wii U in HD graphics.

Where is the shopping guru statue in Zelda Wind Waker?

It is found in the Mother & Child isles. I LOVE ZELDA THE WIND WAKER IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!

Which GameCube game is better the legend of Zelda the wind Waker or super Mario sunshine?

wind waker

Can you unlock ocarina of time on Zelda wind waker?

You cannot obtain the Ocarina of Tiime in The Wind Waker.