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Go to Goldenrod city and then go to the underground (if you don't know where that is, just go to the Pokemon centre, then go up to the game corner, go left then down until you cant go down any more. Then go right and there will be a building with a sign outside it. That is the underground). When you walk into the underground, go down the stairs and then go left. If you havent been down here before there will be some trainers you need to fight. After you have done that go to the old woman sitting behind a tabla and you can buy them off her.

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Q: How do you get the revival herb in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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If you give a Pokemon a revival herb as a hold item will it revive when it faints?

No this item only works if you actually use it if your Pokemon is holding the revival herb it will not revive when it faints.

What will reduce the Pokemon happiness?

Fainting or using Heal Powder, EnergyPowder, Energy Root or Revival Herb.

What do you do if it does not let you buy the revival herb in Pokemon platinum?

get lots of money and keep asking [hope this helps!]

Where is the herb shop in Pokemon SoulSilver?

It's in the Goldenrod City Underground, but she's only there on the weekend

Where do you get revival herbs Pokemon pearl?

In the Herb Shop. (I forgot where it was sorry, I think it was Pastoria or maybe Hearthome I'm not sure)

If you put a Pokemon in the PC does its happiness lowers?

No the happiness only lowers if you give the Pokemon herbal medicine (Revival Herb, Energy Root, Heal Powder, and Energypowder) or if the Pokemon faints in battle.

Where do you buy the revival herb in Pokemon emerald?

In the city below mt. Chimney. it starts with an L i think. the second house on the botom to the right

How can you beat Cynthia?

Cynthia has a different variety of Pokemon, unlike the Elite Four. She has strong Pokemon but not unbeatable. I suggest you have a strong fire and water type for about 4 of her Pokemon. Also, I found it easier to have a flying Pokemon with a quick claw and a Lucario with ExtremeSpeed. Just act as though she is a normal trainer and have a Max revival or a revival herb to hand.

Can you give Pokemon black Pokemon to Pokemon SoulSilver?

no you can trade soulsilver pokemon to black

Where does professor Alvin live in Pokemon SoulSilver?

he is not in Pokemon soulsilver or Pokemon heartgold

What does the Pokemon SoulSilver game come with?

POKEMON SOULSILVER come with a poke walker and the Soulsilver game

Should you get Pokemon SoulSilver?

Pokemon soulsilver and Pokemon heartgold are basically the same game just different versions but i do recommend buying Pokemon soulsilver