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It's in the Goldenrod City Underground, but she's only there on the weekend

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Q: Where is the herb shop in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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Where is the herb shop in Pokemon pearl?

A: the herb shop is in Eterna city

Where is the herb shop in Pokemon Heart Gold?

the herb shop is open in the goldenrod tunnel on Saturday and Sunday

Were is the herb shop in Pokemon Sapphire?

its in lavaridge town. its in an average looking house but it will have a sign saying its the herb shop.

Where is the lady at the flower shop on Pokemon SoulSilver?

the shop is in goldenrod city.

Where can you get Pokemon SoulSilver for 35?

maybe a pawn shop

Where do you find the bicycle on Pokemon SoulSilver?

In the bicycle shop in Goldenrod city

Where is the fossil shop in Pokemon heart gold and in soulsilver?

in pewter city

Where is Goldenrod Flower Shop in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The Flower Shop is in the top right hand corner of the city.

Where do you get the bike in Pokemon SoulSilver?

borrow it from the shop in goldenrod and after a while riding on it you can keep it

How do you get the squirtbottle in Pokemon SoulSilver?

go to the flower shop in golden-rod city

How do you challende seventh gym in Pokemon soulsilver?

you have to go to cianwood city go to the herb shop get the secret potion and then bring it to the top of the light house make sure you talk to her before you get the secret potion it will be a Key item

Where do you get a fire stone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Athletes Shop in the Pokeatholon Dome on certain days