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non game ar

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Q: How do you get the old pond trophy on flick fishing?
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How do you catch a boot in flick fishing?

go to the old pond

How do you catch an old mob in flick fishing?

You keep fishing in old pond and keep using bait fish

How do you win the big catch trophy on flick fishing?

Ived catched "Old Mog" but i didn't get The big catch trophy why,

On flick fishing how do you catch tiddels?

Try old pond with maggots, max cast

Where to find a party hat in flick fishing?

Old pond with maggots or night fishing with luncheon meat. If u can, use the red fishing rod

How do you catch boot on flick fishing?

Just tap the cast button so it's at about 19 feet and use bait fish. Fish at the old pond.

How do you catch tiddles in flick fishing?

Go to the old pond and cast max (30 feet) with maggots it will take patience but I caught him at 37lbs

How do you catch old mog on flick fishing?

You go to the old pond and cast 29-30 feet with bait fish be patient GOOD LUCK

Where do you find all the collectibles in Flick Fishing?

I have found the following collectibles in Flick Fishing Free. Please help with any I have missed :) Old boot - Old Pond, Lake Shiny Treasure Chest - Old Pond, Lake Shiny Painting 1 - Painting 2 - Lake Shiny Painting 3 - River Titanic - Waves of Doom Flintlock - River Old Man - Beach Sarge - River seaweed - Lake Shiny Goblet - Lake Shiny Cutless Wine Bottle Keg Driftwood Light Bulb ???

What is the casting distance for Old Mog in Flick Fishing?

over 25ft

How do you catch old mog in flick fishing?

Cast 30ft. With bait fish.

Where do treasure chest appear in flick fishing?

the treasure chest appears in both the old pond and the lake, use fish baits and cast 25 for pond and 45 for lake, it should come very easy.