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there are several ways to get to Keldagrim.

1: walk from Seers Village to Rellekka. then heat north-east until you get to a cave. enter it and enter the next one directly when you enter. look for some mithril and iron rocks.

2: you can get a mine cart ticket (bring 500 gp incase you want to buy another one). you can get there from the dwarven mines, Ice Mountain or the long long long tunnel under White Wolf Mountain.

3: if you do Another slice of H.A.M. quest. you get to use the from Dorgeshunn to Keldagrim tram system. the train is located on the second level in dorgesh Kann to the south west. stay in the train for like 5 seconds to use the train.

4; in the Grand Exchange there is a trapdoor south of the shortcut to Edgevill. you need to do forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf Quest.

The person above me is Correct, i use the first one to get to Keldagrim, cause I'm a skiller

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Q: How do you get to keldagrim on RuneScape?
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Where is a cider press in RuneScape?

East pub in Keldagrim and in the cellar of the Port Phasmatys.

Where is the library in runescape?

There are several libraries; for example, there is one in Varrock Palace, one in Keldagrim, and a few others more.

On RuneScape where is nurmof?

Nurmof, resides in the back of the Dwarven Mines, near the Keldagrim mine cart and dwarven gang members.

Where is vendablin in RuneScape?

Assuming you mean Commander Veldaban he is located in Keldagrim. His exact location depends on what quests have been completed.

Where do you start hunter in runescape?

Rellaka,Keldagrim Entrance, climb up the ice steps and start hunting Polar Kebbits: BRING A NOOSE WAND-IMPORTANT.

Can you make a marble block on runescape?

No, your only options are is to buy one off a player through GE or go to Keldagrim and buy one off the stone mason for around 350k odd.

How do you make a dwarven stout in RuneScape?

You need 2 buckets of water, 2 barley malt, 1 pot of ale yeast, and 4 hammerstone hops. Then, go to Keldagrim and look for a brewing pot on the east side.

Where can you find a black shield in RuneScape?

A Black Kiteshield is dropped by Ice giants and Elite Black Knights and sold in Keldagrim for 2,072 coins. Moss giants drop black square shields at a fairly high rate.

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Is there a runescape 2?

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